Help Me Save My Relationship – 7 Best Ways That Work

How to fix a relationship that’s falling apart?

It all starts happening, when you have no more love for each other and all that you have between the both, is fight!

Let’s talk about the reasons and the solutions for fixing the relationship that you have almost ruined.

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1. Individually work on yourself

Both of you have to work on your internal problems to save and strengthen your relationship.

James Pawelski quotes about relationships:
It’s important for both individuals to work on themselves and connect with their core values and strengths.

Lead with curiosity by creating an open space where you can both be honest with one another.

Only then can you work together as a couple to try to strengthen your relationship.

That said, you have to evaluate your preferences about the relationship and your concerns as well.

Give the required space to each other and be fair with each other.

That is how you can individually work on yourself to save your relationship.

2. Argue in a better way

It may appear against common sense to argue if you’re trying to rebuild and save your relationship.

Arguing can be an excellent thing to do. But what is essential is to do it positively.

That proves that speaking to each other is the honest and obvious way to bring you closer to each other, instead accusing and caning out each other, resulting in further distances.

3. Appreciate the little actions

House says: “It’s the littlest things that give breath to the relationship.”

Therefore, it’s essential to show your gratitude for all those little things performed by your partner.

These little actions can include but are not limited to making the coffee, taking out the garbage, and even daily texting you with lovely messages often.

Therefore, thanking and appreciating each other for the little things you do can help save your relationship.

4. Spend quality time together

Another strategy that can help save your relationship is to genuinely enjoy spending your time with your partner while not taking it for granted.

That includes and is not just limited to significant events like vacations or ceremonies.

Enjoying the daily rituals like dining together, watching TV, having chit-chat, sharing pleasant old memories, talking about good things on a coffee cup, etc.

5. Do monthly sessions

Nurturing is always required in relationships. Therefore, regular sessions can help you save your relationship.

Based on House saying, both of you should sit down and have a peaceful conversation. Discuss the way your relationship is going on and how to improve it further.

In your discussion, both of you should talk about all the related aspects.

That includes finances, parenting, communication, and intimacy.

House says, “By addressing possible problems early on, you can fix them before they break you and at the same time expand and deepen your true emotional intimacy and connection.

The reason for conducting these monthly or fortnight sessions is to help you foresee the relationship problems in the marriage that can cause the breakup and sort them out.

Along with that, these sessions will help you get closer to each other by clarifying the confusion that you may have in your relationship.

6. Honor each other

Being available for each other while going through hard times is an integral part of any relationship.

Just like that celebrating and honoring the achievements of each other is also essential.

James Pawelski says, “Often we are barely listening when our partner shares something good with us.

We may unintentionally dismiss it by not paying attention, going back to reading the paper, perhaps, or changing the subject.

These behaviors are just as bad as directly saying something negative about our partner’s good news.

Just think how bad it is and how much negativity it can bring to your relationship?

It would be best to listen attentively to the news that your partner is trying to share with you while giving your feedback.

Please DO NOT TAKE YOUR PARTNER FOR GRANTED and also the info that he is sharing with you. Because we share our thoughts and stuff only with those for whom we care and who are essential in our life.

You have to be a good listener instead of a good speaker because it helps you save your relationship.

7. Be concerned with your partner

If you want to save your relationship with a drug addict or if you’re going to reinstate it, you have to be concerned about your partner and show your interest in him/her.

Pawelski says, “At the starting of a relationship, it seems to be easy to be curious about our partner and focus on the positive.

Whereas, later in the relationship, when the newness fades, we often mistakenly think we know all there is to know about our partner.

We stop asking questions, and we fall into a rut.

Based on what Pawleski says, you should never let your relationship go fade over time.

Always keep trying to find solutions, stay concerned, and keep your interest in your partner.

Relationships are like a plant, which requires freshness and growth if you keep them watering with your emotions and concerns.

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